“My first week at WSDC has been unbelievable. Upon arrival I was welcomed warmly into the group and experienced my first braai (and we’ve had several more since then)!

Assisting in the research, however has been profoundly impactful for me. As a student completing my studies in ecology and evolutionary biology, the opportunity to receive instruction in how to handle, tag and observe sharks in the field (by experienced marine biologists) is already proving to change my scientific approach to not just sharks, but the study of life in general.

In the past week I’ve already learned to take fin clip samples, insert spaghetti tags, observe white sharks in the cage, hike in the Fernkloof nature reserve and I had the opportunity do two exceptional dives. I’m excited to see what else the Western Cape and WSDC have in store for me.” – Carina Remmel

Underwater photograph taken by Taylor Smith