The Great White Life – My first of two months!

donHello, my name is Donovan Lewis and I am doing an internship with White Shark Diving Company. I am currently half-way through my internship of two months and so much has happened already its mind blowing, and I can’t believe how fast it’s going. I have spent my life learning about sharks and its more of an obsession of mine, the difference with an obsession of sharks from a normal passion or obsession is that it just can’t be satisfied easily.

An obsession of sharks or wildlife is difficult to quench because you can’t simply jump in your car and drive to it like going to the movies or watching a football game. It’s a passion where you would most likely have to live close to the sea or better yet jump on a flight and make your way to a part of the world where sharks are. For someone who is passionate or better yet, obsessed with sharks this is definitely the place for you to satisfy your passion for sharks.

Not only for the sharks, but to just be surrounded by an amazing group of people that share your passion and are willing to go leaps and bounds to help quench your thirst for sharks. That’s something that just can’t put a price on, not only will you have memories that you’ll never forget but you’ll gain knowledge in areas that you never even thought possible.

When I arrived in South Africa, I had no idea what to expect from the area, people, accommodation and opportunities. I know there’s a brochure but you always think about what it’s going be like in your head, but I can honestly say that this place and everything associated with it has exceeded my expectations tenfold.don2

I arrived the day the sharks disappeared and on my 4th day I got to witness a sad but truly fascinating event – a white shark dissection. It is strange to say that my first white shark in the flesh was dead, but in fact it was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Being there, witnessing a South African and science first in this area of the world was truly humbling and just that one day was worth the two months coming out here. Watching an event such as that under the supervision of world experts in their field was a true honour.

During my time, here so far, we have got white sharks back but activity is still quiet but of course that is to be expected, it doesn’t matter though as there is plenty to do. Mary and Imke will make sure that you’re kept busy and doing something enjoyable, whether that be doing analysis (Don’t worry it’s not boring), shore/boat fishing, helping with the local school, going on your own trips or even just chilling around the house or the local area. The company has links with other companies not associated with sharks, for example; Fatbike tours during a sunset.


What’s incredible about this area is that whole community is based around sharks, whales and wildlife and the whole community understands what’s out there and why it needs looking after.

If you’re a marine biologist, biologist or if this is just your passion you will not be surrounded by a closer knit, passionate, knowledgeable and experienced group of people with incredible majestic animals and landscape to go with it.

The water may be cold but the hospitality, kindness and general feel of belonging to something greater and bigger than yourself is a lot warmer than that of the water. It’s hard to come by and for that I am forever indebted to this place.

Thank you to White Shark Diving Company and to Mary, Imke and everyone on the team for the opportunity and making my first month truly magical!!!!

Donovan Lewis

United Kingdom