Jess.jpgA few short months ago I received an email from a coordinator at Coastal Carolina University about White Shark Diving Company looking for volunteers. I thought to myself there was no way I would be able to ever go, but here I am. I can say it has been an experience of a lifetime! From the moment I touched ground in South Africa it has been an adventure. In the first week of being here I was able to go fishing on the research boat, experience the cage diving boat, and go on adventure up the east coast. Taking a road trip up the East was one of the highlights of my trip. I was able to climb through caves, be right next to an elephant, hold a snake, and see great white sharks.

The next week was just as exciting. We would alternate between the dive boat and the research boat. On the dive boat going through Shark alley and seeing seal island is always amazing! Sitting on the research boat fishing is so relaxing and interesting as you never know what could happen. One of the highlights was when we all caught a different species of sharks!

Jess1.jpgThe next week we knew was going to be a no sea week but that did not stop the adventures. We were able to go beer and wine tasting, a craft beer festival, and travel to Cape Town. Going to Cape Town was amazing! We went to the top of Table Mountain, walked around the center, and went sightseeing.

From the moment I arrived Mary, Imke, Mitch, Lalo, and the rest of the crew have been so welcoming and have gone above and beyond to make sure we have an experience of a lifetime! Thank you for everything! It has definitely been amazing trip so far and I cannot thank everyone enough!

Jessica Middleton