“The past couple of weeks have continued to amaze me in both the amount of experience I have gained as well as the beauty of Hermanus. We were able to go diving and snorkeling in the gorgeous kelp forest and tag sharks from the fishing boat – we caught 18 sharks! The weather has been a bit difficult for sea days, so we walked around the center of town which was just so beautiful as it is located right on a cliff where we watched the whales – they were that close! We also went both beer and wine tasting and everything was delicious.

As well as some fun around the town, we worked on fin ID’s of the white sharks and were able to find a few re-sights from the coding we did. It was very exciting because I was able to use some of my underwater photographs to help identify individual sharks.

The past two weeks have been just as amazing as the first and I can’t wait to see what else lies ahead.” – Taylor Smith

  • Helene

    Taylor , after all of the research you did to find the right volunteer program it is clearly the best choice you have made. White Shark Diving is proving to be an exceptional program with exceptional people.
    Well done!
    Keep going!