Shark marine institute, its been an honour, a privilege and an absolute pleasure to have been as hands on and involved in conservation of Great whites then I could have ever hoped or wished for. It’s one thing reading about projects like these and the research & findings, but another thing actually being on the front line, living & breathing it as absolutely everyone of you guys do.

Mary, Paul, Dylon, the team, the crew and the volunteers themselves are a real quality bunch of like minded people. Not only do they share an infectious & infallible passion for the ocean and well being of the marine eco system, but who together are crucial in actively helping make the positive and important change in our world to help support animals which are facing extreme pressure from how we treat our planet.

I loved the amazing programme of initiatives that we were able to get involved in which included beach cleaning, tagging & monitoring smaller shark species, educating the public on the cage diving tours & most importantly monitoring the great white numbers and there was also plenty of opportunity to see and experience the other awesome sites and projects including the big cat sanctuary that were close by, on no sea days. The volunteer house is amazing, so close to the the stunning harbour view and is set-up to create a real family vibe, especially in the evening when everyone cooks together, watches a film or simply knocks back a few bevvies from the bar.

I’ve made some awesome friends and had an incredible 2 week experience. It really has charged me up even more to spread the word and do as much I can as an individual to help save our great planet, support this great cause & ultimately help save our great whites! Thank you, more than I can say. If you don’t know, you better get to know, so GET INVOLVED! You will not regret it!