1. Hessa A.P., Pindral N., Rowlinson M., Capper A., Andreotti S. (2021-submitted) “Preliminary indications of a trophic change in the Dyer Island Nature Reserve Complex, following the decline in white sharks presence”
  1. Andreotti S, Henriques R, Butcher P, Huveneer C, Ovenden J, Matthee C (2021-in prep) “Fine scale genetic analyses of white shark population structure reveals sporadic intercontinental movements in the southern hemisphere” Journal of Biogeography IF: 3,723
  1. Megan Maroen Master Thesis “Evaluating the efficacy of different dorsal fin photo-identification methods on white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias in South Africa”
  1. Simran Rupra PhD Thesis “Conservation genetics of three globally distributed large-bodied carcharhiniform sharks”
  1. Kristina Loosen PhD Thesis “Application of eDNA method for assessing elasmobranch biodiversity and distribution along the South African coastline” (starting January 2022)

The research stated above are a part of our continuous work to put in place a long-term shark population monitoring system, in order to guarantee their survival for future generations, as well as a sustainable and knowledge-based management for our ocean resources.

Human Animal Interactions