Andreotti S, Heyden S von der, Henriques R, Rutzen M, Meÿer M, Oosthuizen H, Matthee CA (2016) Journal of Biogeography 43:328–339 IF: 3,997

To determine the genetic structure of the white shark population around the South African coastline and, by including data from animals sampled elsewhere in the world, to provide new insights into white shark evolution at the global scale. Mitochondrial and microsatellite analyses were performed on 302 free-ranging white sharks collected from five sites along the South African coastline. This was augmented with 58 GenBank sequences originating from five distinct global populations. Genetic diversity, local population sub-structuring analyses and global phylogeographical patterns were determined.

Four mtDNA haplotypes restricted to South Africa were recovered. One common haplotype was shared by 89% of all the individuals and was 13 bp different from the second most common haplotype shared by 10% of the remaining sharks.

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