Andreotti S, Rutzen M, Wesche PS, O’Connell CP, Meÿer M, Oosthuizen WH, Matthee CA (2014) African Journal of Marine Science 36:59–67 IF: 1,058

The white shark Carcharodon carcharias was one of the first elasmobranch species where photographic identification was used to identify individuals. In this study, we propose guidelines that optimise the current photo identification method for white sharks by presenting a novel categorisation system. Using this method, a high-resolution photograph of the dorsal fin is placed on a standardised three-section grid. Notches associated with the trailing edge of the fin are counted and scored within each grid section. The number of notches in each grid section is then used to produce a three-part code that is utilised to systematically organise the individuals into a database. Our proposed system was tested on sharks photographed in the sampling area over a 27-month period (4 398 photographs).

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