Andreotti S, Holtzhausen P, Rutzen M, Meÿer M, Walt S van der, Herbst B, Matthee CA (2017) Marine Biodiversity 10.1007/s12526-017-0634-2 IF: 1,915

Individual photo identification plays a crucial role in capture-mark-recapture studies of large marine species. The effectiveness of this system depends on consistently correctly identifying individuals, but as the database’s image count rises, the process takes longer and takes its toll on the precision of the matches. Although there are a few software packages available, long-term research still have trouble using universally applicable methods, indicating the necessity for species-specific software. This paper introduces innovative dynamic time-warping-based picture identification software that was tested on white shark dorsal fins. When handling a sizable capture-mark-recapture database, the software is specifically created to maximize overall accuracy, standardize data collecting, and improve the performance of individual matching.

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