Volunteer In Cape Town & Help Great White Shark Conservation!

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Volunteer Programme

Volunteering with us is a unique opportunity for students and early-career scientists to gain experience in marine research and white shark conservation. We provide a true educational experience, employing scientific techniques to learn more about our ecosystem.

  • Volunteer with one of the few Conservation-Focused Shark Diving Companies in SA!
  • Be trained as a marine research assistant, interact with sharks and gain essential skills for your future career!
  • Students, Post-Graduates, Early-Career Scientists and Marine Biologists are encouraged to apply!
  • We have a 100% safety record in the 20 years we have been operating.

Our volunteers play a vital role in data collection, learn how to manage such data, gain valuable skills in the field, and are involved with all outreach and educational programs.

We endeavour to make your time with us a personal and career building experience, providing extensive training in all projects and tailoring the programme to meet your individual needs. Included in the programme are several chances to be involved with cage-diving activities and come face to face with the magnificent Great White Shark in an unforgettable diving experience!

Volunteer with SharkCageDive.com at the tip of Africa in one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.  Delve into the mysteries and complexities of the majestic Great White Shark, while also implementing projects focused on conserving our oceans and protecting the diverse life they support.

Photographer in Cage

Read our brochure … and then complete the application form below to join the programme.

Volunteer Programme application

  • Date preferences for the program (starting on the 1st of each month, from 1 February 2016):
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  • This is not a legally binding document. Completing this form does not guarantee you a place on the programme, but states your willingness to volunteer with SharkCageDive.com.